Apex Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center. Vadodara, Gujarat.

Apex Plastic, Cosmetic Surgery and hair transplant Center is committed in offering the most advanced cosmetic and dermatologic care treatments by the leading skin and hair specialist Dr. Gunjan Patel.

All treatments and technologies are designed to help you achieve your beauty goals. You will be advised with the most appropriate and safe solutions.

HOLLYWOOD peel, carbon peel
Dr. Gunjan Patel,

HOLLYWOOD peel, carbon peel Dr Gunjan Patel apex plastic and cosmetic surgery center vadodara

Hair Transplant Success Stories
Dr. Gunjan Patel,

Hair Transplant Success Stories - Apex Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Vadoara, Anand, Bharuch, Gujarat.

Vitiligo surgery
Dr. Gunjan Patel,

Vitiligo surgery. Dr Gunjan Patel apex Plastic and Cosmetic surgery Center Vadodara, Gujarat.

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