Hair Transplantation is the only method which will give you a natural, long-lasting economical result and is sure to raise your self-confidence levels to what they were before your hair started to fall. Apex plastic cosmetic surgery center Vadodara, Anand, Bharuch, Gujarat is committed in offering the most advanced Plastic & Cosmetic treatments by the leading Plastic & Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gunjan Patel.

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Apex Plastic, Cosmetic Surgery and hair transplant Center is committed in offering the most advanced Plastic & Cosmetic treatments by the leading Plastic & Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gunjan Patel.

All treatments and technologies are designed to help you achieve your beauty goals. You will be advised with the most appropriate and safe solutions.

Apex Plastic, Cosmetic Surgery and hair transplant Center offers the patients world class technology. Apex Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center is known for it's highest standards of results and quality care to patients.

The center has successful track history of doing large number of Hair Transplant, Liposuction Surgery, Gynecomastia Surgery, Breast surgery, Laser Hair removal, Laser Tattoo Removal on patients from Vadodara, Anand, Bharuch, Gujarat, India.


  • The role of stress in HAIR LOSS
    The large role of stress in HAIR LOSS , especially under the current situation
    Hair follicles respond to stress and secrete cortisone hormone A lot of people have been loosing excessive hair during lock down and this is happening due stress at conscious and subconscious levels Also Vit D3 deficiencies from remaining indoors, Raised residual blood glucose from lack of activity. Stress causes hair through Substance P and ROS Requirements of antioxidants and nutrients are raised during stress
  • A proper amino acid combination is more effective than whey protein for regular body toning exercise. Along with these amino acids you need all essential micro nutrients to provide a balanced benefit. Body building supplements take a toll on all the body systems. Consider these only if you are into competition bodybuilding. OR else selective balanced micro nutrients are the best.
  • Exercise causes wear & tear of the cells. Even if you are doing only cardio you need to provide for repair & restoration. Your cells need to be healthy and well charged to deliver the best benefit of the cardio exercise. You still need the a low dose balanced level of all nutrients which is supplied synergistically in the kit.
  • Gym goers are increasing the wear & tear of their cells and trying to compensate it with unplanned excess intake of proteins, vitamins, minerals which do not go well with each other. Excess nutrients cannot be utilized all at a time. The nutruients overload the cells, create dumping & wastage. Create toxic overload of urea nitrogenous waste on liver & kidneys, leading to hair loss. A well planned synergistic program achieves better efficiency with regulated dosage without overdose or wastage.
  • Biological value of pure whey protein is best for gym goers. Avoid body building complex as these contain undisclosed steroids and aspartic acid which cause hormonal imbalance.
  • Omega 3 is anti inflammatory it helps sore muscles and it also helps in gaining muscle bulk. However excess Omega 3 causes lipid peroxidation, creates ROS which defeat the purpose. Low dose well planned use of Omega 3 with synergistic micro nutrients is recommended.
  • DHT is an opportunistic intruder attacking only the weaker cells ....if we provide nutrition to support the cells and strengthen the follicles....the hair can then fight all causes including DHT


Topical Vit D in Alopecia Areata

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  • Topical caffeine stimulates ANAGEN and counters DHT induced miniaturization

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